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Join the New generation of Hybrid investors and take the first step to no longer be a silent partner in your financial future. 

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Student Training Series $49.00

This training series will provide entry-level students, a fundamental awareness of the markets, ETF’s, and make them “conversationally competent” when discussing their investment goals. It provides the student the basic resources and tools to research various securities on their own. A "student" of the markets, so to speak. It gives you the foundational elements of the Player series, if you decide to upgrade. A coupon code will be provided and give credit for the cost of the student series at the end of the course. 

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Player Training Series $489.00

This training series is designed in a way that builds upon and includes the lessons in the Student Plan. It prepares a student with the tools, techniques, the 5 most important technical indicators of the the developer's algorithmic signature, video demonstrations, fundamental knowledge and resources to help manage some or all of their investments. It’s beyond the basics, and stresses the importance of the foundational principals of the “hybrid investor” and “investing simplified” style and approach. 

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*One-On-One Mentoring. By Appointment Only $150.00 (Available only after completion of either course.)

The Complete Interactive Experience: These, zoom enabled, (1) Hour,  One-on-One mentoring sessions are with Carter Maxey, Trainer/Developer of MaxTradeForce and the Hybrid 24 Investment Training Series. 

*Tutorials are by appointment only and reserved for students after successfully completing their training plan and limited to the specific training material that the student completedBased on availability and scheduling limitations 

Don't need a One-on-One? Have a question or need a simple clarification? Then email us at [email protected]

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  • Do you ever feel like a silent partner in your investment future?
  • You want to invest for yourself but lacked the knowledge or tools to get started?
  • Maybe you're an experienced investor or trader but struggled finding an investing strategy that was consistent and helped manage risk.

Either way, I have a training series for you! Just Click on one of the options above. 


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